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Who is Grateful Licensing Group?

Grateful Licensing Group (GLG) was formed by Matt Appelman in 2021. With over 20 years of industry knowledge and experience, Matt works to create a truly symbiotic relationship with the Artists and the Manufacturers. Representing approximately 100 artists, the GLG team has artwork for every product category, and in all genres of art! They value quality over quantity, and strive to consistently bring you the best art, and the best service every time. Art licensing is our specialty!

Why Grateful Licensing?

GLG sets itself apart from other licensing agencies in many ways. At GLG the focus is to help create an identity as an artist that is timeless. We do this by staying true to the ideas of quality and innovation, and consistently communicating your vision on all products and platforms. We love working with artists to take the stress off everyday negotiations, contract reviews, accounting/royalty tasks and interruptions during our artists’ creative times. This clarity and support, help to maximize the financial benefits of art licensing.

How does the art licensing process work?

So you want to know how to license artwork? At Grateful Licensing we focus on procuring and negotiating contracts and programs for licensing rights to all sorts of manufacturers around the world. We use our industry knowledge to make sure we get fair and competitive terms, while also affirming the contracts will be fruitful and lucrative for all parties involved.

Who do you work with in the industry?

We work with customers from all over the world that manufacturer many products, such as, calendars, cards, stationary, apparel, wall d├ęcor, puzzles, craft kits (paint by diamonds, paint by number), mats, flags, fabric, journals, and many more!

How is my artwork marketed and advertised?

Grateful Licensing has been showing artists to manufacturers for years in all forms from trade shows, client visits, Zoom presentations, email, PDFs, company newsletters, on our website, and in printed media form. The world is changing constantly and so is GLG, making sure we are flexible to meet the needs of our customers. We know how to license artwork!

How much do artists normally earn?

The contract between the artist and GLG splits all earnings 50/50. All licensing deals and contracts are relative, and the terms change from customer to customer, and product to product.

What is the royalty process?

GLG pays out royalties and earnings to the artist quarterly. This means payments will be made on or before (Q1) May 15th, (Q2) August 15th, (Q3) November 15th, (Q4) February 15th. We send detailed royalty reports, along with the payments. We offer payment via check, ACH/wire or Pay Pal.

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